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Transcript: Zhang Zhizhen

Zhang Zhizhen
October 8, 2023

THE MODERATOR: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the press conference for Zhang Zhizhen. We'll start with English questions and then move to the native language. 
So, first of all congratulations, Zhizhen, you are the first Chinese player to be in the last 16 of Rolex Shanghai Masters. Can you tell us about what has gone through your mind after the victory? 
ZHANG ZHIZHEN: First of all, because it's second time for me to be in the second week of the Masters, that's also quite happy for me. Also, this is in front of my home, Shanghai Masters, so even more things even I will feel even more better. I always wanted to play good tennis in front of my hometown and my family, and finally this time I did. Hopefully, I can keep going. 

THE MODERATOR: Any other English questions from the floor? Questions in Chinese. 
ZHANG ZHIZHEN: It's very late (laughing). 
Q. Congratulations. I want to know... 
ZHANG ZHIZHEN: Are you going to ask me my next objective (smiling)? 

Q. No. I understand that your doubles next tomorrow is cancelled. So what's your plan? 
ZHANG ZHIZHEN: Yes, temporarily our doubles match tomorrow is cancelled, but of course we both will focus more on the singles, because singles are more important. 
Sinner also had a very good performance in China. For me, I've also played a lot of matches in China so far, so both of us would think that we need to focus more on singles. 
I will have a short practice tomorrow and then try to relax and restore and recover a little bit to face the next match. 

Q. You mentioned having the gold medal of the Asian Games. Now, looking back to the Asian Games, how significant and meaningful is the Asian Games to your three wins in Shanghai? 
ZHANG ZHIZHEN: I don't know, but I think after winning I am more confident. Asian Games are not that intense, but it's still a gold medal, so that definitely boosted myself confidence. I also have more confidence in facing difficulties that I might encounter this week. 

Q. I have a question about today's match. At the tiebreak in the first set you were lagging behind, and then you caught the seven points. I want to know what was in your mind, could you share with us what's in your mind? 
ZHANG ZHIZHEN: I think I get to know better about his serve. I also change my position all the time. Afterwards, I realized that I caught up with him for seven straight points, but I didn't realize that when I am on the court. 
So I didn't think too much, I only focused on the moment. The opponent also had a few faults at the tiebreak. I think I am lucky and I am also in good shape today. 

Q. The crowd is very passionate, and then did you hear what they call out? What was in your mind when you hear the cheers? 
ZHANG ZHIZHEN: I heard a few slogans, but the court is a big one, so I only realize that everyone is cheering for me. I think that's more than enough. 

Q. For the next round I understand that you played with that opponent four years ago, also in Shanghai. Do you still remember the situation of that match four years ago? How are you going to deal with that match? 
ZHANG ZHIZHEN: I still remember that match. I lost to him 6-7 and then perhaps 2-6. Actually, I had the opportunity to win the first set, but I didn't catch it. 
Now four years have passed, how should I say, I think we are both improving, I am sure, so it's going to be a tough match. I think I'll, again, I'll think about the match tomorrow and then relax for the rest of tonight. 

Q. When you are winning do you have any superstitions? For example, wearing the same clothes, eating the same food, for example? 
ZHANG ZHIZHEN: Yes, actually, there are small things like that. I go to the same place to eat, but I don't want to tell you where, and then I drink coconut water every day. I think many people would have small things that we are obsessed with, especially when we are winning. 

Q. I want to know more about the first set. At the beginning my feeling is you were not in the perfect shape, you lost a few points. I want to know, under that situation, how did you adjust yourself quickly to make sure that you can have a consistent and stable match? 
ZHANG ZHIZHEN: I think for the first set, generally speaking, I think it was tough. It was not as good as the previous two matches. I think I have to face it, otherwise I will become more anxious. 
So, generally speaking, I think I handled my emotion facing the reality that I am losing a few points. 
Talking about the umpire, there was a challenge of the point, and also I am very sorry that I hit, that the ball hit his head. I am really sorry for that.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you very much. 

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