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Transcript: Tommy Paul

Tommy Paul
October 9, 2023

Q. Congratulations. You had to work hard for that win, but it was a good win. 
TOMMY PAUL: Yeah, absolutely. I mean, those wins sometimes feel the best, honestly. Obviously, I would have liked to get it done in two, had a couple match points there, but he actually played, like, pretty good points, so I can't be too upset. 
I could have made my first serve on the one that I was serving, but he came up with some good forehands. I found myself in a little hole there in the third set, but I was lucky to dig my way out of it. 

Q. That was your first match against Arthur, I believe, so was there anything that surprised you about his game? 
TOMMY PAUL: Yeah, I think I went in with one game plan, and I totally had to switch it. I mean, I got a break first game playing with my original game plan, but then he adjusted really quick. I think he's going to keep getting a lot better and better. I think he'll have a very bright future. 

Q. It's been two very different matches for you this week. You only lost three games in the first round, and then the long match in the second. Are there any thoughts on that? 
TOMMY PAUL: No, I think both matches got cut off after a set and a half from rain, so there is some similarity in the two matches. Yeah, I mean, you know, in tennis no two matches are really too alike, so you got to be ready for anything, I guess. 

Q. Edging ever closer to the top 10. Is that a milestone that you think about? 
TOMMY PAUL: That I think about? Like, not a ton. I know that if I perform really well that it's there. I'm more focused on performing well. Like, I want to go deep in all these tournaments. There's a lot of big tournaments for the rest of the year, a lot of opportunities, so I'm excited to play. 

Q. Speaking of opportunity, Mannarino or Rublev next. Are you able to sort of think ahead to either of those? 
TOMMY PAUL: That's funny, I literally hadn't even looked. I hadn't even looked. But, yeah, I was probably about to look in like two minutes, so... 
No, it should be, either guy should be a good match. I think me and Rublev have had some battles. I think I've only gotten him like once. Me and Mannarino, I think we had a battle in Wimbledon. So, either way, I think it's going to be a good match. I'll probably watch that. Are they playing soon? 

Q. Yes, they're scheduled soon. 
TOMMY PAUL: I'll definitely tune in and watch that and see how that one goes. 

Q. Sounds like you enjoy those kind of battling matches. 
TOMMY PAUL: Well, when they go my way. When they don't, you know, it kind of sucks. But, yeah, I mean, I had fun today, which was cool. Even, there was a point in the match where, even when I was in the battle in the third set, like, I was like, you know, if I lose, like, it was still, like, a battle between both of us, and, I mean, we both gave it our all, so you can't be too upset. 

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