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Transcript: Nicolas Jarry

Nicolas Jarry
October 11, 2023

Q. Congratulations on the win. It's your first ATP Masters 1000 quarterfinal, you must be very happy. 
NICOLAS JARRY: Yeah, yeah, very happy to be able to be in a quarterfinals. It's a good accomplishment. I've been having a couple this year, so I'm very happy, very grateful, trying to enjoy, trying to improve a lot. I've been playing very good tennis, so I'm happy for that. 
Today was a tough, tough match mentally, but I was able to come back very strong in the third. I gave my best, and happy to be able to break and get the win. 

Q. With that win I understand you become the No. 1 Chilean in the rankings. Is that something that is important to you? 
NICOLAS JARRY: No, no, no, no. I'm very past rankings a long time ago. I've been focused a lot in trying to improve, trying to be happier, enjoying more my life. 
Tennis is a difficult sport, not only because all the things that you have to do to play well, but also to a lot of traveling and being alone. I'm trying to enjoy inside the court and outside the court. 

Q. Speaking of enjoying your life, it must be nice celebrating your birthday with your family here. Talk to us about that. 
NICOLAS JARRY: Yeah, very, very, very happy for that. I think this is my third or fourth birthday here in Shanghai. Usually I'm alone, very far from Chile, and the time zone, we're opposite, so usually I'm, I don't have anyone to call, just in the morning or in the night. So to be able to be with them is very special. 

Q. Does having your family here with you, does that sort of help balance the pressures of being on court? 
NICOLAS JARRY: Yeah, it's been, since I was able to start a family, I've been able to shift the perspective a little bit bigger, greater, more sense of what's really important. I'm trying to be able to get strong with what it is to have a family, to have more motivation on court, or have a bigger goal than just winning the matches. 

Q. Could you talk through your journey overall this year. It's been quite a lot of progress. 
NICOLAS JARRY: Yes, many, many things. It started great with Australia, playing good matches, then in Santiago, then Rio after Santiago. I'm just trying to keep the momentum going, keep improving, keep learning what's better for me, what's not so good. Trying to enjoy every moment outside of the court, trying to be more grateful, working on my mental part, not only in the game, but outside, just as a human being. 
I'm trying to give it all whenever I'm in my work that's in the gym or on court. It's less, trying to have less pressure of the result and more on give myself the 100 percent. 

Q. Your next match will be with Alcaraz or Dimitrov. Any thoughts on those matches? 
NICOLAS JARRY: No, tough, very difficult match. We're in the quarterfinals, so either one it's going to be a difficult one. I already played both this year, so just try to be able to play my game, to be able to continue playing aggressive, trying to control the nerves as much as possible and keep doing my game and try to, yeah, do my game better than the other guy. 

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